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Frustrated by Constant Traffic at Your Scale?

For one major animal food production facility, the truck scale was a source of daily headaches. Truck scale consultants at METTLER TOLEDO helped management select the best solution to improve flow.


Fix traffic problems
Fix traffic problems
Frustrated by Constant Traffic at Your Scale?
Fix traffic problems

The problem:

This particular facility saw 200+ trucks per day with only one truck scale. Trucks would arrive empty, ready to pick up product, and first have to weigh in for their tare or empty weight. They would then proceed to the facility for filling.

When they arrived at the scale to weigh out, a truck might currently be checking in on the same scale. As a result, many trucks had to reverse off the scale so the next truck could drive on from the other direction. As you can imagine, this caused massive confusion and long traffic bottlenecks in both directions – in addition to many tickets being lost or confused on different trucks, which was a nightmare for billing.

Finally, the facility manager got fed up with the current state, and reached out to their local METTLER TOLEDO representative.

The solution:

Upon visiting the site, the solution was obvious to the sales representative. This site was a perfect candidate for DataBridge™ MS data management software solution. Additionally, to clear up some of the high traffic areas, a second truck scale was added for weigh-out.

Frustrated by Constant Traffic at Your Scale?
Fix traffic problems

The resulting flow was as follows:

  • Truck arrives at the facility and weighs in at the in-bound scale
  • Information is entered into the DataBridge system
  • Truck drives into the facility for product load-in
  • Truck emerges from other side of the facility and is directed through the outbound scale
  • Net weight is calculated through the software
  • Final ticket is printed and the driver exits the facility 


The results:

This facility has now been operating on their enhanced system for several months and reports that they could not be happier with the change. They no longer experience back-ups at the scale, and have experienced an improvement in transaction efficiency by up to 75%. They also mentioned that the transition to DataBridge from their old software was very smooth. Finally, they were pleased with how user-friendly the software is. With only a single day of training, the team was operating it with ease