White Paper

Ultrapure Water Monitoring in Microelectronics Industry

White Paper

With UPW Resistivity and TOC Measurement

Ultrapure Water and Process Analytics for the Semiconductor Industry
Ultrapure Water and Process Analytics for the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is advancing rapidly with an increased demand for more chips per wafer and narrower linewidths in the single digit nanometer range. In order to meet these challenges, ultrapure water (UPW) monitoring and control must be implemented to detect ionic impurities that could negatively impact wafer yield. Two critical parameters that must be monitored on-line and in real time to ensure water purity are Total organic carbon (TOC) and resistivity. The ability to accurately measure these parameters at sub ppb levels in UPW systems enables semiconductor manufacturers to improve product quality and maximize yield.

The 6000TOCi and M800 provides the microelectronics industry the most advanced tool to meet the on-line continuous measurement and process control required for UPW systems. The METTLER TOLEDO TOC system provides the lowest cost per measurement point with the fastest response, advanced integrated diagnostics and sub-ppb detection.

The UniCond sensor, 6000TOCi and M800 transmitter are the best investments to reduce risk and improve yield for the microelectronics industry.

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • The importance of on-line resistivity and TOC analysis
  • Ultrapure water in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Real-time, continuous resistivity and TOC monitoring

The ideal product solutions from METTLER TOLEDO for the microelectronics industry are the 6000TOCi sensor, the UniCond sensor and M800 transmitters.

The 6000TOCi is an on-line TOC sensor, which provides data in real-time and offers predictive diagnostics. The sensor measures every second, allowing for continuous TOC analysis of the water system. The 6000TOCi is ideal in all pure water applications where rapid detection of TOC level changes is critical, and the sensor provides comprehensive record keeping of history and key statistics.

The UniCond sensor from METTLER TOLEDO offers highly repeatable measurement accuracy. The UniCond sensor is equipped with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM). ISM sensors offer improved performance over analog probes for a number of reasons, including an on-board microprocessor that converts the analog signal from the sensor into the actual measurement of the parameter.

The METTLER TOLEDO M800 transmitter completes the measurement system. It is a multi-parameter transmitter, which offers installation flexibility and simplified process control measurements. It can simultaneously monitor one, two or four in-line sensors.