USP 645: 3 Steps to Successful Conductivity Compliance
White Paper

USP 645: 3 Steps to Conductivity Compliance

White Paper

Follow USP 645 Norm for Successful Conductivity Measurements

USP 645
USP 645

Compliance with USP 645 standard is required for many applications related to the pharmaceutical industry due to safety reasons. In order to measure the quality of pure water and water for injection through conductivity readings, as this defines their suitability for use in pharmaceutical applications, a three-stage procedure must be followed.

The procedure is tedious and prone to error, therefore we have created a white paper to support your conductivity readings and USP 645 compliance in three easy steps.

Click on the link below and learn how to increase the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of your conductivity measurements by following USP 645 norm.


This article provides a detailed description of the USP 645 requirements for conductivity measurements in purified water and water for injection. It also contains guidance on instrumentation specifications and usage as well as tips and tricks on how to meet with the norm's specifications in a clear, easy and defined way.

The following topics and more are covered in the USP 645 white paper:

  1. Instrument specifications and operating parameters
  2. Three-Step USP 645 Procedure
  3. Challenges and how to overcome them

Want to Learn How Your USP 645 Measurement Can Be Streamlined?

Check out this step-by-step USP 645 video on using the SevenExcellence and pre-defined methods to simplify this tedious measurement.