Packaged X-ray Inspection Series Brochure

Packaged X-ray Inspection Series


Intelligent Optimum X-ray Inspection of Small to Large Products


The Packaged X-ray Series consists of three x-ray inspection systems, X33, X34 and X36 designed to deliver outstanding levels of brand integrity insight.

Utilizing different advanced generators and detectors, each system provides very high levels of detection sensitivity to reliably detect a range of small, hard-to-find contaminants in packaged products on single or multiple lanes.

Driven by high performance software, the Packaged X-ray Series automates set-up and changeovers thereby reducing programming errors. This allows contaminant detection and brand integrity examinations to be performed simultaneously.

Combining intelligent x-ray software capabilities, advanced generators and detectors ensure outstanding detection sensitivity levels are consistently achieved. The x-ray system is set at the optimum inspection level, specified by a brand’s requirements, resulting in minimized False Reject Rates (FRR), depending on the application.;

The Packaged X-Series is part of the widest group of specialist x-ray technologies on the market, including dedicated x-ray systems for glass and canned products as well as pumped and bulk applications.