Guide to X-ray Inspection Technology

Guide to X-ray Inspection Technology

Building an Effective Programme

The X-ray Inspection Guide provides a single and definitive source of reference to x-ray inspection technology for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Covering everything from basic operating principles and health and safety, to implementing a comprehensive x-ray inspection programme, the 21 chapters provide a thorough insight into all aspects of the technology.

Essential reading for anyone involved with food or pharmaceutical manufacturing, the free guide provides invaluable assistance on how to:

  • Choose the right x-ray system to maximise product safety and quality
  • Ensure optimal performance and minimal false rejects
  • Improve product quality without reducing productivity
  • Select the right Critical Control Points (CCPs) and establish sensitivity standards for optimal consumer protection and production efficiency
  • Comply with industry standards, regulations and retailers' quality control requirements
  • Build an effective x-ray inspection programme that ensures brand, product and customer protection.

Guide to X-ray Inspection Technology
Guide to X-ray Inspection Technology

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X-ray Inspection  

A range of adaptable x-ray systems offer outstanding contamination detection in packaged and unpackaged food applications.

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