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Fast Delivery of Product Inspection Equipment

We can quickly deliver x-ray inspection systems and checkweighers as rental units or for purchase with our Quick Ship Program!

Food manufacturers can now be ready to meet the requirements of the leading GFSI food safety standards quicker than ever before. Faster delivery and easy integration of these systems enable manufacturers to meet the compliance requirements of food safety regulations and ship product quickly and efficiently to retailer shelves.


Quick Ship X-ray Inspectors
Quick Ship X-ray Inspectors

X-ray Inspection

The popular X33 and X34 x-ray systems, designed for inspection of small and medium-sized packaged products, are available in certain standard configurations.




The C31, C33, and CS3600 Case Scale checkweighers are available for Quick Ship in certain configurations.

Quick Ship Checkweighers
Quick Ship Checkweighers

X-ray Inspection - Quick Ship Specifications

X33 and X34 X-ray Inspection Systems - Click links below for additional information

X33 X-ray Inspection System                          X34 X-ray Inspection System

300mm & 400mm

Line Heights850mm, 950mm, 1050mm, 1150mm (+/-50mm)
System Length1800mm
Reject Types
  • Light duty air blast with tunnel
  • Heavy duty air blast with air reservoir
  • Overhead sweep
Reject Capture DeviceReject tray or bin, stainless steel, lockable
Speed RangeUp to 60mpm
Utilities110VAC, 80psi
Protection Rating
Included Options
  • Guide rails, infeed, stainless steel
  • Reject verification and bin full sensor,
    includes blue beacon for bin full
  • Audible alarm - to sound upon reject
  • White reject beacon - to light upon reject
  • Electronic bin lock
  • Language neutral safety labels

* Images shown are for reference only; actual machines may vary slightly in appearance.




Checkweighing - Quick Ship Specifications

C-Series and Case Scale Checkweighers - Click links below for additional information


Available Models
  • Multiple C-Series models
  • Case Scales
Delivery Time
  • Six weeks or less
  • Height
  • Length
  • Throughput
  • Accuracy

We also offer many software options to enhance your product inspection capabilities.
Please inquire for more details!

* Images shown are for reference only; actual machines may vary slightly in appearance.


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