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The Future of Track & Trace as Seen by Manufacturers

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Serialization's role in combating counterfeiting

Serialization and Falsification Protection Free Track & Trace Report
Serialization and Falsification Protection Free Track & Trace Report

This report details the findings of a two-year research project aimed at determining the position of  Track & Trace in the manufacturing landscape over the next few years. As pharmaceutical Track & Trace regulations become part of day to day life, manufacturers in other industries are taking notice. Industries without government regulations requiring any sort of serialization are beginning voluntary implementation of serialization technology into their production processes.

From our research, one thing is quite clear: serialization of products will grow. In some cases, it has already grown into an enormous undertaking outside of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Not only does it help to protect against counterfeit products entering the market, but it can also secure against grey market sales and help identify breakdowns in the supply chain.

METTLER TOLEDO conducted this study discussing Track & Trace with thirty-seven companies from all over the world, including manufacturers who are already using serialization due to legal requirements, companies who voluntarily use Track & Trace technology and those who do not currently have any serialization programs in place. Casting a wide net allowed us to get a clear view of what the future of serialization looks like. This report is full of important information and insights into the future of serialization, and includes:

  • A discussion of the economic cost of product/brand piracy
  • A brief description of serialization in the pharmaceutical industry
  • A discussion of serialization activities in other industries
  • Detailed responses to the survey questions as to Track & Trace's value, and the need for requirements for serialization
  • How to get started with a serialization program
  • Choosing a partner for a Track & Trace program
  • Other serialization applications above and beyond the prevention of counterfeiting
  • A closer look at profit losses caused by unauthorized production
  • Use of falsified components or raw materials and how these can effect product quality and brand reputation
  • How grey market and reimporting sales can damage profits and potentially damage brand loyalty
  • The complete questionnaire, for reference

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