How to Get Reliable Moisture Results

How to Get Reliable Moisture Results


How to Get Reliable Moisture Results - Moisture Analyzer vs Drying OvenFundamentals of moisture determination

Determining the moisture content using a moisture analyzer is not an art. However, a couple of things need to be considered in order to get reliable and repeatable results. The guide to moisture analysis covers the following topics:

  1. Measuring principle
  2. Installation
  3. Routine testing (calibration)
  4. Sample handling and preparation
  5. Method development to match the drying oven
  6. Special samples (e.g. liquids, volatiles, plastics)
  7. Method validation 
  8. Comparison of moisture determination technologies
  9. Glossary of technical terms

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Our extensive knowledge collection on moisture content determination explains how you can switch from the drying oven or any other reference method to the moisture analyzer, how to develop a good moisture method and how you can make sure your moisture analyzer performs well every day.

Switching to the moisture analyzer
When considering different techniques for moisture analysis, a common topic is whether the drying oven can easily be replaced by a moisture analyzer. Respected regulatory bodies such as USP and AOAC state that this is possible as long as the results obtained with the moisture analyzer are comparable to those from the reference method. Learn what this means exactly, and how to guarantee good results, in the section below.

Developing a good moisture method
To achieve results matching the reference method (e.g. drying oven) a good moisture method is indispensable. Our publications show you how you can develop a robust moisture method and how to optimize it for speed and repeatability. Our extensive method library and our method collections can serve as a good starting point to develop a method for your sample.

Regular performance testing
To shorten periods of uncertainty and have confidence in your moisture results at all times, it is crucial to regularly service and routinely test your moisture analyzer. Learn more about routine testing for moisture analyzers and our easy to use calibration and adjustment tools.

All You Need to Know about Moisture Analysis

How to Switch from the Drying Oven to Moisture Analysis

Method Collections to Develop a Good Moisture Method

Moisture Analyzer Performance Testing

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