Meat Market Grows and Prospers with its bPro Counter Scales METTLER TOLEDO Case Study
Case Study

Meat Market Grows and Prospers with its bPro Counter Scales

Case Study

Duma Meats is a 5th generation family business that combines old world charm with accurate, ultra-modern weighing and labeling technology.

Duma Meats in Mogadore, Ohio combines the best features of an old world butcher shop with the customer convenience of a thoroughly modern, 21st Century retail operation. While the promise of a one-of-a-kind customer experience is what initially brings people through the door, what keeps them coming back is the quality of the product and the sleek, sophisticated and satisfying shopping process – a process supported and enabled by an array of METTLER TOLEDO bPro counter scales.

The bPro counter scale is designed to be an economical, durable and highly functional piece of equipment for grocery and food product retailers. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, it’s an easy to learn, easy to use workhorse that delivers unbeatable ROI and scarcely knows the meaning of the word downtime. “They’ve been more than good for us”, says Beverly Duma. “The more scales we add, the better they work to serve our customers, make our employees more productive, and help us reduce costs by delivering quick and highly accurate readouts. And when an occasional servicing is required, our Tusko reps are amazingly fast and reliable. We currently serve between 3,000 and 5,000 customers a week, many of whom are buying not just a few cuts, but an entire freezer full. So having dependable counter scales that interface with our POS system is absolutely critical to our success.”

Thanks to the value and durability of its bPro Counter Scales, Duma Meats has tripled the size of its operation in 20 years and is well positioned for future growth.

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