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    Modular Transmitter M700

    Seamless Integration

    The M700 is a flexible instrument for continuous measurements in the field of liquid analysis. The M700X is intended for operation in locations subject to explosion hazards which require equipment of ATEX Group II, device category 2(1), gas/dust. Thanks to its modular design, the M700 can easily be adapted to a wide range of measurement tasks. Flexible use of plug-in modules allows combined measurements as well as later expansions or modifications.

    Modular Transmitter M700



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    Specifications - M700(X) ("Premium Line" - Simultaneous Measurement of pH, DO and Cond)

    Power supply24...230 V AC
    Current Output2 outputs
    Relays4 relay contacts
    Sensor inputspH / O2 / Cond / Cond Ind
    Featuresmodular system
    Mounting optionswall, panel or pipe

    The freely selectable software functions (extended logbook, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support, ServiceScope etc.) increase safety, performance and diagnostics. Communication modules are available for further processing of the output signals.

    The rugged enclosure (IP 65) can be wall or pipe mounted or fixed into a control panel. The M700 version with hygienic, polished stainless steel enclosure allows application in the field of biotechnology, food processing, and in the pharmaceutical industry. The M700 version with coated steel enclosure - extremely corrosion resistant - has been developed for application in the chemical industry, environmental engineering, water and wastewater treatment, and for application in power plants.

    Features and Benefits
    Cost savings through modularity
    • The modular concept allows integration of up to three modules into one basic instrument. Double channel measurement reduces total costs per measuring loop typical for fermentation processes (pH/DO) or redundant measurement in chemical processes (pH/pH).
    Wide communication possibilities
    • The M700 has no communication limitations. Modules for PROFIBUS®-PA / Foundation Fieldbus and extended output modules fully integrate the M700 into all control systems.
    Application oriented
    • Enclosure designs are available for all application areas / environments, e.g. for hazardous areas and hygienic environments.


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