Case Study

Sample Preparation at Daiichi Sankyo

Case Study

Time and Cost Savings of Automated Sample Preparation - A Case Study

Sample preparation is the starting point of any analysis. The innovative METTLER TOLEDO automated dispensing system has been in use in the laboratories of international pharmaceutical group Daiichi Sankyo for many years with great success. Using automated sample preparation gives this analytical laboratory numerous benefits. Read about their use of automated powder and liquid dosing to create accurate solutions in less time in this case study. 

This case study describes how Daiichi Sankyo have optimized processes and improved user protection by implementing automated sample preparation system from METTLER TOLEDO. Dispensing of powdered samples is achieved in a closed system, which prevents user exposure to the substances, enhancing safety. Smaller quantities of solution can be prepared, saving precious substances which may be expensive or only available in limited amounts. More accurate solutions are prepared, with automatic calculations and recording of concentration data with no chance of errors. This avoids the costly re-work associated with mistakes in sample preparation.

However, for Daiichi Sankyo the most significant benefit of using automated sample preparation is the time saved, compared to manual weighing and the cleaning required after using the balance.

Read the Sample Preparation at Daiichi Sankyo Case Study to find out how you could benefit from automated sample preparation in your laboratory. 

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