White Paper

Management of Weighing Data

White Paper

From Paper to Digital Records of Laboratory Weighing

data management
data management

Analytical balances are at the heart of virtually all quantitative analysis in a lab. Accurate weighing and data integrity are essential in the preparation of analytical reference solutions, as well as in taking aliquots of samples for analysis and preparation of solutions, buffers, etc. Errors in this process can have profound impacts on data integrity and product quality.

What can go wrong when weighing a sample and recording data manually?

In this reference paper, we will look at both manual transcription and three potential solutions for improving the accuracy and ease of data transfer and management, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Three ways of improving data quality:

  1. Attach a printer to the balance, data output on a print-out
  2. Connect a computer, data transfer "drop at cursor" or to a communication software
  3. Integrate into a network with automatic data transfer and centralized storage

Learn more about the pros and cons of the different ways to manage weighing data, as well as tips on optimizing data integration. Download our free reference paper now!