Pharma and Biotech Solutions
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Innovative Solutions for Tasks
in Research and Development
Exceeding the limits of weighing: Excellence Micro and Ultra Micro Balances display unsurpassed accuracy even with the smallest of samples.
Analytical Lab Instruments
Titration Excellence line featuring One Click Titration™ is a milestone in providing simple, efficient, and secure titration.

Our range of lab instruments also includes pH meters and sensors, Karl Fischer titrators, melting point analyzers, and thermal analysis devices.
Chemical Reaction Monitors
METTLER TOLEDO synthesis workstations reduce chemical and process development times by replacing round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors.

Our in situ FTIR and reaction calorimeters provide unparalleled performance and precision.
Process Analytics
Reliable and robust pH and dissolved oxygen sensors which are fully autoclavable for benchtop bioreactor use.

ISM — Intelligent Sensor Management technology simplifies sensor handling and allows the use of one measurement system platform from R&D to full-scale production.
Rainin offers the broadest selection of ergonomic pipettes, BioClean tips, and related services designed to work as an efficient integrated system.
Reliable Results
for Comprehensive Quality Control
Analytical Balances
and Analyzers

Achieve full compliance in regulated workplaces and benefit from the built-in safety features, weighing applications and data management solutions of METTLER TOLEDO analytical balances.

Guarantee specs and shelf life with Halogen Moisture Analyzers that set the standard for fast and accurate moisture determination.
Analytical Lab Instruments
Melting point determination was never so simple. All instruments conform to global pharmacopeias and other common norms and regulations.

Our range of analytical instruments covers pH meters and sensors, titrators, melting point analyzers, and thermal analysis devices.
Rainin offers the broadest selection of ergonomic pipettes, BioClean tips, and related services designed to work as an efficient integrated system.

The patented LiteTouch system of our pipettes reduces the force needed to eject a pipette tip to a minimum.
LabX® Software brings power to your laboratory bench by providing full user guidance on the instrument touchscreen, handling all data automatically, and ensuring a high level of process security.

FreeWeight.Net not only systematically records and eliminates product defects, it also reduces unnecessary costs through overfilling and can be used to control quality in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
Analytical Support
for Scale up and Process Development
Process Monitoring
METTLER TOLEDO provides synthesis workstations, reaction calorimeters, in situ FTIR reaction analysis and in-process particle characterization systems. iC software as a common interface enables faster process understanding and project completion.
Precision Balances
METTLER TOLEDO balances are recognized worldwide for their reliable, high-precision weighing both in the lab and under harsh industrial conditions.
Floor Scales
Reliable and rigid scales that withstand any harsh industrial application. Proven weighing technology ensures high precision and longevity.
Process Analytics
Reliable and robust measuring systems for chemicals synthesis or fermentation.

Real time monitoring systems for all types of pharmaceutical grade waters.
Weigh Modules
and Load Cells

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules and precision measuring cells provide the broadest product offering, balancing capacity, readability, and protection ranging from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons
Comprehensive Measuring Solutions
for Production Floors
Bench and Compact Scales
Wide and varied assortment of precise industrial platforms of weighing ranges from 210 g to 600 kg and platform sizes from Ø 90 mm to 600 x 800 mm.
Weigh Modules
and Load Cells

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules and precision measuring cells provide the broadest product offering, balancing capacity, readability, and protection ranging from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons
Moisture Analyzer
The METTLER TOLEDO family of moisture analyzers provides fast, precise and reliable moisture determination wherever required along the production process and in line with regulations.
Process Analytics
In-line measuring systems for controlling up- and downstream processes in API manufacturing and during fermentation. Sensors and transmitters for API manufacturing are certified for hazardous area use.

ISM — Intelligent Sensor Management technology simplifies sensor handling. Pre-batch diagnostics inform users if a sensor can be safely used for the next production run.
Ensure Correct Manufacturing
Solutions for Formulation and Filling
Product Inspection
Dependable x-ray systems for the detection of dense contaminants and a range of in-line quality checks to ensure regulatory compliance and brand protection.

Checkweighers with consistent on-line accuracy to 0.1g to reduce expensive product giveaway, ensure regulatory compliance and maximize ROI.
Pure and Ultrapure Water Analytics
Real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical grade waters in compliance with global pharmacopeia regulations. Measuring solutions cover pH, ORP, oxygen, ozone, conductivity and total organic carbon.
Track & Trace and Serialization
We provide full track and trace solutions with serialization software and aggregation stations. Giving you the highest possible transparency in pharmaceutical packaging and logistics processes to protect patient safety.
Weighing systems for Batching and Formulation
METTLER TOLEDO provides automated, semi-automatic, and manual batching controllers as well as custom-tailored material transfer control strategies to meet specific needs.

Controllers can be combined with high performance scale bases, weigh modules, or measuring cells to provide the complete solution for any batching application.
Greater Customer Satisfaction
Reliable Packaging and Order Fulfillment
Product Inspection
Vision inspection systems are able to inspect a variety of packs and products, verifying that human readable, barcode and 2D matrix are present and correctly positioned.

Whether using metal detection or x-ray inspection technologies, Safeline contaminant detection systems help to guarantee the safety of products.
Pallet and Parcel Dimensioners
Automating the collection of dimensions, weight, and identification of all parcels and palletized goods will provide you with reliable data for invoicing and increase capacity with fewer resources.
Pallet and Truck Scales
METTLER TOLEDO offers high performance weighing equipment to meet your operational needs for transport and logistics.

These systems are designed to be the most innovative, accurate, and reliable ones of their kind and keep your business moving every day.
Optimize your product quality with systems for statistical quality control. Full compliance with legal requirements and optimized production yield.
Food Retail
Price labeling
Professional Features - Affordable Price. bPro Counter Scales and Terminals.
Packaging system
High volume fresh packaging – manual labeling stations and automated systems
Wrap-Weigh-Label systems – from hand wrap stations to fully automated solutions
Counter scales
Tactile and PC-based touchscreen scales for smart fresh department solutions
Self-service scales
Easy to use tactile and PC-based touchscreen scales for self-service weighing
Checkout scales
Integrated solutions for weighing and cash register at checkout
Basic scales
Compact price computing scales with or without printer. Easy/Simple, convenient, mobile
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Greater Process and Quality Control
Across the Value Chain
From goods in through development and production to packaging and order fulfillment METTLER TOLEDO is your partner for all your weighing and measuring needs. Our wide portfolio of precision instruments provide consistent and accurate measurements and ensure your compliance with government regulations.

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Global Presence
Sales and Service
With our market organizations operating in most industrialized countries, as well as selected partners in other regions, we are ready to serve you around the globe. Our geographically focused market organizations and partners are responsible for all aspects of sales, service, and support. 5000 factory-trained service and sales specialists worldwide are there to support you any time, anywhere.

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Food Additives  
Compliance, traceability, consistency, and reliability of measurement data are primary concerns. METTLER TOLEDO's solutions cover automated drug discovery, efficient chemical process development, and automated manufacturing processes, with value-added services to guarantee compliance with government regulations, as well as consistent and accurate measurement data.