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Grocery Chains

Create a competitive advantage with seamless integration of state-of-the-art weighing technology into existing IT infrastructure. METTLER TOLEDO Retail weighing scales use PC-based technology and standardized interfaces to provide durable solutions with high efficiency. Whether retailers want to increase backroom performance, launch effective in-store promotions and cross-selling on service counter scales’ displays, or optimize accuracy and speed at the checkout with fresh food weighing technology, METTLER TOLEDO offers customized solutions and a global service and support network to boost productivity and sales in the grocery marketplace.

Specialty Chains

Candy scales, cheese scales, coffee and tea scales, chocolate scales, and point-of-sale solutions; fresh meat weighing and packaging; nutrition labeling: METTLER TOLEDO Retail can support the most specialized weighing needs for specialty chains. Whether searching for a digital fish scale for the seafood shop or a durable retail terminal for the checkout, METTLER TOLEDO is a single source for integrated solutions.

Small Shops

Manual wrapping systems, butcher scales, deli scales, meat scales, checkout scales, and prepack systems: METTLER TOLEDO has the right solution for small shops. Intelligent scales and fresh meat packaging solutions allow small shop retailers to meet the needs of customers with confidence and style, all while taking up less space on the counter. 

Open Markets

Fruit and vegetable retailers know that freshness is key to pleasing customers. At the farmer’s market or the corner produce shop, METTLER TOLEDO fresh packaging and weighing technologies offer durability, reliability, and portability. From fruit and vegetable scales to weight display solutions, METTLER TOLEDO Retail technologies bring an advantage to customers and sales staff alike.


METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive line of weighing technologies to meet the specialized needs of pharmacists. Our precision and analytical scales ensure accurate results in unstable environments. Whether pharmacists are mixing formulations or counting pills and tablets, METTLER TOLEDO has a customized solution to meet the weighing needs of the pharmacy.