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METTLER TOLEDO provides state-of-the-art scales and balances, pipettes, analytical instruments and online measurement devices. Utmost accuracy, ease of use and ruggedness have made our products well known and appreciated by an endless number of scientists and researchers.
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Experiments of basic and applied principles of natural sciences are unambiguously supported with balances, pipettes and analytical instruments of METTLER TOLEDO
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Chemistry and Physics
Analytical instruments and equipment for synthesis, reaction research and characterization of new compounds and materials as well as balances for all applications are the key offering of METTLER TOLEDO for chemical and physical research labs.
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Life Science
Fundamental tasks such as pipetting, weighing or pH adjusting made easy and reliable with METTLER TOLEDO’s laboratory solutions. Modern instruments provide ease of use and reduce stress and risks of operating errors.
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Material Sciences
Many meters and analytical instruments support scientists and researchers in all kind of disciplines and help to find and elaborate inventions and novelties. A selection from METTLER TOLEDO’s products includes: Highly precise scales and balances; instruments for pH, dissolved oxygen, density, refractive index, melting point and more; thermal analysis or particle characterization systems.
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Applications in classrooms are manifold and require instruments suitable for experimental work. We offer a series of products that have been specifically tailored for the needs of classrooms such as for example the education line balances. Our goal is to provide instrument solutions that offer reliable measurement performance as well as intuitive and easy operation. All developed to make teaching and learning as easy as possible.
Reaction analysis, synthesis and characterization of new chemical compounds are some of the research tasks that chemists are confronted with in the chemical laboratory. We provide synthesis workstations, reaction calorimeters (RC1™); in situ FTIR reaction analysis and In-process particle characterization instruments to accomplish these tasks. Together with our analytical instruments such as titration and our range of balances we offer the key instruments for the various applications in a chemist's lab.
Research in life sciences involves work on biological molecules, such as antibodies or proteins and is often done in the search for disease cures and prevention. These research tasks involve a lot of liquid handling and pH measurement steps. We support research in life science with a broad portfolio of pipettes, bioclean tips, pH meters, balances and application know-how.
Data reliability and ease of use are some of the major concerns in any laboratory when working with laboratory instruments. We offer solutions that cover the different needs of scientific research ranging from basic balances through to highly sophisticated thermal analysis instruments. And all of these instruments have one thing in common: they have easy to understand user interfaces and produce highly accurate and reliable measurement results.
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iSenseLight - A Software Tool for Easy Calibration
iSenseLight is a free software tool for ISM sensors. iSenseLight provides easy calibration of ISM sensors for fast Plug and Measure installation, and predictive diagnostics for increased process uptime. The simple to use interface offers all important information on one screen.

No license is required and there is no need for registration. Only the hardware (iLink cable and ISM sensors) needs to be purchased.

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Highly Reactive Chemistry: Minimize Hazard and Risk
Case studies are presented illustrating how to ensure safe development, scale-up and operation of highly reactive chemistry.

Highly reactive chemistries involve compounds or operating conditions that pose significant hazards in research and manufacturing due to high risks of explosion, unwanted human exposure, and poor product quality caused by reaction excursion.

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Trade Shows and Exhibitions
Jan 01 2012 - Jan 05 2012
2012 World Polymer Conference of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to be exhibiting at the 2012 World Polymer Conference of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
Jan 01 2012 - Jan 05 2012
IFT 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo

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Newest Case Studies
for the Chemical Industry
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Search our extensive library of free white papers and case studies. Hundreds of files are avlable for your download.

Search our extensive library of free white papers and case studies. Hundreds of files are avlable for your download.
White Papers
Recent Advances for Seeding a Crystallization Process
This discusses best practices for designing a seeding strategy and what parameters should be considered when implementing a seeding protocol. Although crystallization understanding has improved over the last thirty years, the seeding step still presents challenges when designing and developing new chemical processes.

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