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Rail Weighing

Heavy-duty scales for weighing rail cars in either static or coupled in-motion applications

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Rugged designs for durability
Improve performance of your rail scales


Case Studies

Accurate Scales Protect Against Losses
In every country, legal-for-trade laws allow some margin of error when determining the required accuracy of truck scales. To protect against product a...
Massive Scale Weighs Four Rail Cars Simultaneously
To ensure the safety of its heavy rail transport, a mining operation in Australia needed more than a standard rail scale. For maximum efficiency, this...
Vehicle Scales Survive Flooding
What would happen to your equipment if your site flooded? A major chemical producer did not know what to expect when they faced a massive flood, and w...


Bulk Material Weighing News 20
Hurry up and wait. That frustrating situation is all too familiar to drivers who use busy vehicle scales.
Bulk Material Weighing News 19
Vehicle weighing can be the constraint step of a process, a potential bottleneck that affects a facility’s overall throughput.
Bulk Material Weighing News 17
When vehicles stop moving, they stop making money. In-motion weighing enables you to increase throughput by weighing vehicles without stopping them o...
Bulk Material Weighing News 16
In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford to ignore a vehicle scale’s potential to improve your operation’s productivity. Find out how your sc...
Bulk Material Weighing News 15
Businesses are robbed every day without even knowing it. When theft occurs at a vehicle scale, management often has no idea what was stolen or who too...

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