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Vehicle Scales Survive Flooding

Vehicle Scales Survive Flooding
Vehicle Scales Survive Flooding

What would happen to your equipment if your site flooded? A major chemical producer did not know what to expect when they faced a massive flood, and was pleasantly surprised.

Rain, snow, and ice all present challenges for a truck scale. However, a flood can be the most extreme test, even for a system that is designed to be waterproof.

In 2012, areas of Thailand fell victim to disastrous flooding. The Thai Central Chemical company found one of its large facilities in the heart of the flood. After a full month of submersion had caused extensive damage, the workers tried to see what equipment could be salvaged. They were amazed when their METTLER TOLEDO truck scales powered up as if nothing had happened.

Many sites know the issue of high water all too well. Some waterways are susceptible to flash floods, but the surrounding areas have learned how to cope. Some customers in flood zones have upgraded their truck scales and are using POWERCELL® PDX® load cells. Because the system eliminates junction boxes, has laser-welded hermetically sealed enclosures, and uses glass-to-metal connectors with IP68 and IP69K ratings, it is much more impervious to water damage. While a flood is still a serious matter, customers no longer have to worry about their truck scales equipped with POWERCELL PDX load cells.

Whether or not flooding is a concern in your area, knowing that your equipment is resilient to flooding provides peace of mind. From extreme environments to extreme applications, POWERCELL PDX load cells combine intelligent design, rugged construction and powerful technology to provide real benefits.

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