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High Precision Weighing

High precision weighing scale with consistent accuracy in industrial environments

High Precision Weighing Scales - When Accuracy Matters Most

When working with sensitive formulations where even an extra drop could alter the recipe, high accuracy weighing scales along with precision scale ...

When working with sensitive formulations where even an extra drop could alter the recipe, high accuracy weighing scales along with precision scale solutions are key. METTLER TOLEDO has developed a reputation for precision, and for good reason. Our high precision scale solutions are designed with the most advanced load cell technology and innovative scale driver solutions enabling our precision scale decimal to be at the lowest possible increments.

What is a high precision weighing scale?
A high precision weighing scale is a scale utilizing ultra-sensitive load cells, enabling a more accurate weight reading.

What industries or applications would use a high precision scale?
Precision scales and high precision scale solutions are a necessity for industries or applications where products being manufactured are highly sensitive during the manufacturing process. For example, in a pharmaceutical formulation even a couple drops too many or too little of an ingredient can affect the total batch. This can lead to a bad batch, costly waste, or even worse it could negatively affect a person who needs the medication. For this reason, industries like pharmaceutical or chemical often require high precision weighing scale solutions and precision scales. Other industries may not require this level of precision. For example in certain food formulations, a little extra of one ingredient will not ruin the entire batch. In this case, investing in high Precision scale is not necessary.

How accurate is a high precision scale decimal reading?
This depends on the capacity and precision scale decimal readability required. A low capacity bench scale has the ability to be more precise than a large capacity floor scale when it comes to Precision scale decimal readings. But when compared to other scales in their weighing range, high precision scales are up to 10X more accurate than their standard scale counterparts.

Precision scale models are available to fit your weighing needs. When considering what scale accuracy specifications are best for your operation, consider utilizing our GWP verification program to ensure you are getting the ideal fit. This will help you determine is high accuracy weighing scales are required for your operation, or if alternative scale types would be suitable.

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High Precision Weighing Scales
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