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How to Optimize Your Dispensing Station


Ensuring accurate and reliable weighing at the dispensing
station can help you avoid costly bad batches – saving you
time, money and rework.

The ideal dispensing station can help prevent out-of-specification batches. This Application Note describes two weighing systems designed to ensure the highest formulation accuracy in the dispensing room. Both systems address the challenges of ensuring accurate measurements, preventing operating errors and fulfilling documentation requirements.

Contents include:

  • How to select the right scale for your needs
  • Recipe weighing applications
  • Formulation solution applications
Recipe Weighing v. Formulation

How to improve accuracy of dispensing station?


The accuracy of your dispensing station can be improved by addressing the root causes for errors, such as using unsuitable scales, incorrect selection of raw materials, false labeling, and incorrect documentation. By choosing the right scales and accessories, such as bar code readers, label printers, ICS689 terminals, and/ or Formulation Solutions, these mistakes will be avoided and significantly improve accuracy.

How to improve accuracy of recipe weighing?

To improve the accuracy of your recipes, you must address the root cause of errors. Errors can stem from many factors included the use of incorrect scales, selecting the wrong raw materials for the recipe, false labeling or incorrect documentation. To remedy these issues it is important to: select the right scales and accessories such as bar code readers, label printers, terminals, and or formulations solutions. Improved accuracy is an additional benefit implementing these changes.

What is the proper setup of a dispensing station?


The proper setup of a dispensing station depends on many factors, such as material to be weighed, accuracy and regulatory requirements and the process workflow steps.  By following the recommendations outlined in the Scale Selector Guide and the Consistent Formulation Application Note,  a suitable dispensing station can be set up.

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