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Modern Load Cell Diagnostics Avoid Future Costs


PowerMount™, available from June 2014, continuously monitors load cell performance, alerting you to variances or failures before they impact productivity. You stay in control of your process, avoiding faulty batches and the huge rework and disposal costs that come with them.

Modern Load Cell Diagnostics Avoid Future Costs
Modern Load Cell Diagnostics Avoid Future Costs

Complex analog load cell weighing systems—which perform many heavy-duty industrial tasks—are both rugged and sensitive. Accuracy depends on the installation of the system, correct component connectivity, and the calibration of the basic system components.

Alerting you to errors
Without continuous monitoring, errors such as load cell overload, poor communication between modules, out-of-symmetry errors, and out-of-range temperatures can go unnoticed for long periods. When they do, out-of-specification batches and poor quality product are the result. Significant costs and damage to company reputation can occur.

PowerMountTM digital weigh modules, which offer predictive diagnostics, can help ensure any load cell deviation is discovered right away. PowerMountTM continuously reads the load cell signal to verify proper functionality. Operators are alerted to variances with an email, text message, or log file entry, depending on preference. This helps to avoid poor quality or even waste.

Adjusting for environmental effects
METTLER TOLEDO PowerMountTM weigh modules are equipped with POWERCELL® load cells. These state-of-the-art load cells have on-board microprocessors which adjust the weighing signal to compensate for environmental changes. This allows it to provide accurate weighing regardless of the effects of temperature, linearity, hysteresis, and creep.

PowerMountTM also features easy calibration with automated CalFree™ Plus. This enables calibration without test weights or where use of test weights is impractical.

Eliminating error sources
With POWERCELL®, load cells are connected in a daisy chain network. This eliminates junction boxes, a well-known source of weighing system failure. The entire system design supports the replacement of load cells and cables without labor-intensive recalibration for significant savings of time and effort.

Consider upgrading analog weigh-module systems to PowerMountTM technology, which is available in superior accuracy up to OIML 6,000e and NTEP 10,000d to meet a variety of weighing needs. When you do, you will gain the benefit of predictive diagnostics, easier system maintenance, smooth weighing processes, and enhanced product quality.