Weighing Pans
Weighing Pans

Weighing Pans

Comfortable Weighing and Easy Cleaning

Pans and draft shields

What are the applications that may require special weighing pans? Different samples may require different handling and therefore METTLER TOLEDO de...

What are the applications that may require special weighing pans?

Different samples may require different handling and therefore METTLER TOLEDO developed special weighing pans, like a tubular weighing pan, for delicate samples like springs, wires and stents, bullion weighing kit to load and unload heavy items, or a dynamic weighing kit. In order to increase weighing efficiency we offer innovative SmartPan (precision balances) and SmartGrid (analytical and microweighing). For better visibility of light colored powders and stains use our special grey drip tray. 

Ensured reproducibility

With our special Magnetic Protection Shield you can ensure reproducible and accurate weighing results.


METTLER TOLEDO gray drip trays make light-colored powders and stains easier to see, which enables them to be cleaned up before further use of the balance. Additionally, they are easily removed and dishwasher safe.

Easy installation

Standard weighing pans are easily removed and exchanged with an MPS pan.


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Compatible Models
Material No.: 12102565
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Material No.: 12102645
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Material No.: 12102646
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Material No.: 30006471
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Material No.: 12102647
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Material No.: 11131123
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Weight460 g
Compatible ModelsXP2003S
Material No.: 22001940
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Vikt23,5 kg
Kompatibla modellerXP155KS, XP604KM
Material No.: 11116554
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Vikt98 kg
Kompatibla modellerXP1003KM, XP2003KL, XP6002KL
Material No.: 30113498
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Material No.: 30215425
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Material No.: 11132657
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Material No.: 30300944
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Material No.: 30215056
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Material No.: 11132625
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Material No.: 11132655
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Material No.: 30460856
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Outstanding Weighing Performance
Air drafts have a negative effect on weighing results. Novel weighing pans deliver fast results, even in harsh conditions.


Installation Instructions: Grey Drip Tray
Grey Drip Tray for Analytical Balances XPR, XSR
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