Optical in-line measurements in the brewing process - METTLER TOLEDO
Webinar - On Demand

Optical in-line measurements in the brewing process

Webinar - On Demand

Measuring systems based on optical technologies provide important information for process control and quality assurance purpose. Typical visual parameters are clarity, turbidity, and color of wort and beer. Recently dissolved oxygen (DO) measuring systems based on an optical principle have been made available to monitor the DO level in separation, blending and filling processes. Learn about measurement principles, applications and related benefits such as minimized operating costs and increased production uptime.

This 20 minute webinar will showcase major benefits which have become available by applying the latest in optical technology and our Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) concept for inline measurements in the brewing process:
  • higher operational availability of dissolved oxygen systems
  • reduced maintenance operation and costs
  • reduced investment costs thanks to combined turbidity/color measurement
  • higher efficiency in separation processes with product monitors
At the end of this webinar there will be an interactive Q&A session providing you with the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your application. If you are brew master, process engineer, quality assurance manager, maintenance manager or project engineer you will benefit from this webinar.
Webinar Presenter
Your online presenter, Stefan Bardeck, has more than 10 years' experience in the implementation of analytical inline equipment in Food & Beverage industry processes. His Ph.D. focus was technical chemistry and process optimization.
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