Automated Alternative to Manual Solution Sampling in Solid-Liquid Systems

Application of EasyFrit for Crystallization Process Design & Optimization


  • Accelerate the crystallization processes in R&D
  • Deepen the understanding of crystallization processes
  • Optimization of APIs isolation through controlled crystallization processes

This presentation discusses the utilization of EasyFrit in designing and optimizing pharmaceutical crystallization processes. It provides a broad explanation of how EasyFrit simplifies data collection and aids in process design. The accuracy of EasyFrit is compared to the conventional method of manual sampling. Additionally, three concise case studies are presented to demonstrate instances where EasyFrit either improved data quality or significantly streamlined the experimental process.

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About the Presenter

Brian Seifried

Senior Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb

Dr. Brian Seifried received his PhD in chemical engineering from MIT. His thesis work focused on creating mucin mimetic materials using a combination of synthetic biology and polymer chemistry within the Olsen research group. Currently, he is senior scientist in the Materials Science and Engineering group at BMS, where he works API crystallization process development as well as investigates enabling technologies.