Case Study

Thorough Control of Quality, Compliance and Costs

Case Study

Diversey is one of the worldwide leading companies in the commercial, cleaning and hygiene business. They ensure  total compliance with under-filling law regulations and realize significant revenue savings by filling bottles with high precision weighing solutions. The target weight is reached fast and accurately by weighing the bottles on high precision platforms connected to an IND560.

Diversey is one of the worldwide leading companies in the commercial cleaning and hygiene business. “Leading the world to a cleaner, healthier future" is Diversey’s passion and purpose. Its roots date back to 1886, when Samuel Curtis Johnson founded his parquet floor business in Racine, Wisconsin. Today Diversey provides total cleaning solutions that support customers in many industries including food services, healthcare, retail and building care.

At Diversey a volumetric filling machine fills bottles with about 20kg of detergent. The bottles are checked for weight and the filling operation is then completed either automatically or manually to reach the final target weight. On the one hand, under-filling must be avoided to comply with legal regulations and, on the other hand, over-filling must be minimized to reduce costs.

Three production areas have been equipped with METTLER TOLEDO high-performance instruments: three PBA430 scales and three IND560 manage and control the final filling step. If the target weight is outside the required tolerances, the IND560 communicates quickly and smoothly with the PLC, which provides control to open or shut the dosage system’s solenoid valve. For the automated filling, the IND560 with fast update rates and multiple-speed capabilities ensures that the target weight is achieved quickly and accurately. In the manual applications, error-free filling operations are carried out at high precision and speed. The SmartTrac™ graphical display mode of the IND560 guides operators with visual cues and indicates clearly the current weight with respect to the target value and the tolerances. Programmable softkeys define single-button operations for faster product throughput and consistent product quality. By using this system, process efficiency is enhanced, costs are reduced and full compliance with quality and regulations is always guaranteed. 

In addition, the TaskExpert™ graphical programming software of the IND560 allows the user to build on standard applications or to develop customized ones. In particular, it allowed Diversey to create a custom application for the management of databases to keep track of weight measurements and type of bottles processed. This data is used for statistical quality control. Furthermore, this can be printed or saved as text files for availability on the network. The automatic record of all relevant information and the statistical analysis ensure full and easy compliance with their quality assurance system.