Stocktaking - Five Times Faster

Counting scales speed up stocktaking. A leading forklift truck and warehouse equipment manufacturer, Linde Material Handling Schweiz AG, implemented a piece-counting solution from METTLER TOLEDO that greatly improved its inventory control process.

Linde Material Handling Schweiz AG manages the entire spare parts logistics system for the Swiss division of the company. From there, they organize the supply for the approximately 80 service engineers in the country, with a focus on punctuality and accurate quantities. "To ensure that the logistics all run smoothly, we need to have control over the goods in the warehouse and regularly carry out an inventory of the 12,000 or so different parts to do so," says Arnold Karrer, logistics manager for Linde Material Handling Schweiz AG.

Accuracy counts
Linde uses the ICS465 piece counting scale to accurately count ultra-small parts. The scale features a highly precise load cell with Monobloc® force-compensation technology, which enables quick and accurate counting and weighing.

Improved processes
At Linde, the implementation of piece-counting scales has resulted in considerably reducing the number of unnecessary orders for materials or incomplete deliveries of spare parts as a result of incorrectly estimated stock quantities.

Speed up your stock-taking
Do you have lots of parts or pieces to count? Stock-taking is a cumbersome process that does not add any value. Discover how the ICS465 counting-scale can help you improve your processes.