Methane Gas Analyzer: GPro 500

Methane Gas Analyzer: GPro 500

Tunable Diode Laser for CH4 Measurement

The GPro 500 methane (CH4) gas analyzer is a unique TDL spectrometer designed for direct measurement of methane in syngas and select natural gas measurement applications. It uses a folded-path laser beam design for low maintenance measurement.

Top Performance in Methane Measurement
A CH4 analyzer for challenging applications, the GPro 500 provides reliable measurement in syngas and natural gas measurement applications.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs
This methane gas analyzer is designed to operate in situ without a maintenance-prone conditioning system, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Easy Installation
The GPro 500 is an alignment-free TDL gas analyzer, meaning that the typical challenges of TDL installation and alignment are significantly reduced.


Methane Gas Analyzer: GPro 500

TDLCO2/CO Gas Analyzer Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a TDL sensor for measuring gases?

TDLs have many advantages over other gas measurement technologies. Firstly, they are in...

Why use a TDL sensor for measuring gases?

TDLs have many advantages over other gas measurement technologies. Firstly, they are installed in situ in the process pipe or vessel so are exposed directly to the gas and therefore measure immediately. Some other analyzers measure a sample of gas that has been extracted and conditioned, which takes time and increases risk. Secondly, TDLs are immune to the presence of other gases in the process and will only measure the target gases. Thirdly, they are extremely reliable and require practically zero maintenance.


Are TDL CO2/CO sensors easy to install?

That depends on the design. Once the insertion point has been selected it’s a matter of fitting one or two flanges and a temperature and pressure sensor. Most TDLs are of a cross-stack design, meaning that they’re comprised of two parts (laser source and receiver) that sit opposite each other in the pipe or vessel. The two units have to be very carefully aligned which can be problematic. The GPro 500 has both parts installed in the same unit. The laser source is reflected by a three-sided mirror and is directed back to the receiver. Therefore, no alignment is required. Watch our video on easy installation.


How can a CO/CO2 TDL reduce costs?
Unlike other gas measurement technologies, TDLs have a very low maintenance requirement. Once installed, they will run reliably for many months without needing any maintenance.


In which applications can TDLs be used?

TDLs have a wide range of applications, including process control in direct chlorination and oxy-chlorination; safety monitoring in VCM waste gas recovery and combustion optimization in package boilers, thermal oxidizers, fired heaters, FCC units, etc. For more information check our Application eBooklet.


Dane techniczne - Methane Gas Analyzer: GPro 500
Mierzony gaz Methane (CH4)
Dolna granica wykrywalności 1 ppm-v
Zakres pomiaru 0 – 1%
Dokładność 2% of reading or 1 ppm, whichever is greater
Liniowość Better than 1%
Rozdzielczość 1 ppm
Dryft Negligible (<2% of measurement range between maintenance intervals)
Prędkość próbkowania 1 second
Czasreakcji (T90) CH4 in N2 1% to 0% in < 4 sec
Powtarzalność ±0.25% of reading or 5 ppm-v CH4 (whichever is greater)
Zakres ciśnienia technologicznego 0.8 bar - 3 bar (abs)/11.6 psi - 43 psi (abs)
Zakres temperatury technologicznej 0-250 °C (23-482 °F); optional (for probe installation) <br>0-600 °C (0-1112 °F) with additional thermal barrier
Efektywna długość ścieżki 50 mm - 10 m, depending on adaption
Features and Benefits

Meets Process Control Needs
This CH4 gas analyzer is ideal for process control in syngas applications. The GPro 500 methane gas analyzer is a tunable diode laser gas analyzer that offers precise, reliable and fast measurement in critical applications, and is SIL 2 compatible.
Flexible and Consistent Platform
Immediate, In Situ Measurement
The GPro 500 CH4 gas analyzer is installed in situ, so you get a quick response without the need to condition a sample. This offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to technologies that require maintenance prone extraction and conditioning systems.
Fast, Intuitive Navigation
Designed for Challenging Installations
The GPro 500 is configurable, enabling the methane gas analyzer's measurement system to be paired with a variety of process adaptions to meet a wide range of installation requirements, including pipe diameters from 50 mm to over a meter.
Plug and Measure
Predictive Diagnostics Ensure Long Life
This methane TDL gas analyzer uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to offer predictive diagnostics on analyzer condition, including informing you when cleaning of the optical path will be required.
Easy Configuration



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Complimentary eBooklet: Gas Applications for GPro 500 Analyzers
This eBooklet is intended as a convenient reference to a selection of the most common GPro 500 applications.

White papers

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Safety Manual for TDLS GPro 500 - Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer
This document contains information and safety instructions required to use the GPro 500 with direct analog output option in SIL environments.
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Methane Gas Analyzer: GPro 500


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Methane Gas Analyzer: GPro 500
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