IND900 Series User's Guide - METTLER TOLEDO

IND900 Series User's Guide

PC Application Terminal

a. Installation, Configuration, Integration and Training: Our service representatives are factorytrained, weighing equipment experts. We make certain that your weighing equipment is ready for production in a cost effective and timely fashion and that personnel are trained for success.

b. Initial Calibration Documentation: The installation environment and application requirements are unique for every industrial scale so performance must be tested and certified. Our calibration services and certificates document accuracy to ensure production quality and provide a quality system record of performance.

c. Periodic Calibration Maintenance: A Calibration Service Agreement provides on-going confidence in your weighing process and documentation of compliance with requirements. We offer a variety of service plans that are scheduled to meet your needs and designed to fit your budget.

d. GWP® Verification: A risk-based approach for managing weighing equipment allows for control and improvement of the entire measuring process, which ensures reproducible product quality and minimizes process costs. GWP (Good Weighing Practice), the sciencebased standard for efficient life-cycle management of weighing equipment, gives clear answers about how to specify, calibrate and ensure accuracy of weighing equipment, independent of make or brand.

Essential Services for Dependable Performance of Your IND900 Series PC Application Terminal

Congratulations on choosing the quality and precision of METTLER TOLEDO. Proper use of your new equipment according to this Manual and regular calibration and maintenance by our factorytrained service team ensures dependable and accurate operation, protecting your investment. Contact us about a service agreement tailored to your needs and budget. Further information is available at

There are several important ways to ensure you maximize the performance of your investment:

1. Register your product: We invite you to register your product at so we can contact you about enhancements, updates and important notifications concerning your product.

2. Contact METTLER TOLEDO for service: The value of a measurement is proportional to its accuracy – an out of specification scale can diminish quality, reduce profits and increase liability. Timely service from METTLER TOLEDO will ensure accuracy and optimize uptime and equipment life.