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Reakcje pod wysokim ciśnieniem

Understand and Characterize High Pressure Reactions Under Challenging Sampling Conditions


Many processes require reactions to be run under high pressure. Working under pressure is challenging and collecting samples for offline analysis is difficult and time consuming. A change in pressure could affect reaction rate, conversion and mechanism as well as other process parameters plus sensitivity to oxygen, water, and associated safety issues are common problems.

Utilizing in situ reaction analysis (ReactIR) under pressure enables the tracking of reaction progression, determination of reaction kinetics, pathway and mechanism and the qualitative and quantitative detection of reaction components. The information gained from ReactIR can be used to determine critical process parameters, improve process efficiency and robustness and produce consistent product quality. 

Synthesis workstations (EasyMax) enable high pressure process characterization and the development of robust chemical processes at scale. EasyMax evaluates reaction parameters such as gas consumption, mass transfer, kinetic activity and heterogenic catalysis in mid and high-pressure reactions.

Gas consumption is a key parameter in hydrogenation, chlorination, carboxylation and carbonylation reactions. Understanding gas consumption as well as mass transfer in gas/liquid reactions requires an in-depth understanding of gas uptake profiles.

The iC software suite allows scientists and engineers to convert experiment data into important process knowledge - providing critical information to make better decisions, and therefore complete projects faster. The seamless integration of complementary data sets (spectroscopy, reactor control, particle characterization) further supports the faster understanding of the process under investigation.


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