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    Natrium- og silica-analysatorer

    Reliable, on-line analyzers with fully automatic calibration


    Sodium and Silica Analyzers

    The new METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2300Na sodium and 2800Si silica analyzers provide efficient and reliable monitoring of low contaminant concentrations for pure water treatment in microelectronics and power cycle chemistry applications. They use industry-proven technology with innovative approaches to provide assurance of water purity to minimize corrosion and maximize water production.

    Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer 3000CS
    Sodium Analyzer
    Silica Analyzer


    Sodium Analyzer

    Silica Analyzer

    3000CS-analysatoren fra Thornton tillater påvisning av sporkonsentrasjoner av klorider og sulfater for å kontrollere korrosjon og minimere skader.
    The Thornton 2300Na Sodium Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to minimize corrosion and maximize water production.
    The Thornton 2800Si Silica Analyzer is a reliable on-line instrument designed for pure water treatment and power cycle chemistry.
    Online-målinger hvert 45. minutt
    For kontinuerlig overvåking
    For ytterligere prøver eller QC-sjekker
    Automatisk kalibrering
    Gir pålitelige målinger og sparer tid for tekniker
    Fullt innebygd
    For å beskytte komponenter og reagenser
    Fully automatic, unattended calibration
    ensures reliable operation while saving technician time
    Automated electrode conditioning
    minimizes need for manual etching
    pH Check for proper reagent addition
    Low reagent consumption
    saves reagent costs and handling issues
    Fully automatic, unattended calibration provides excellent repeatability
    while saving technician time
    Low maintenance large reagent bottles
    enable 3 months of operation before refill
    Tests of samples from various locations thanks to
    Grab Sample feature
    Full enclosure to protect reagents
    and components from plant environment
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