ISFET pH-sonde, glassfrie sensorer
ISFET pH-sonde, glassfrie sensorer

ISFET pH-sonde, glassfrie sensorer

Glassfrie pH-sonder med ISFET-teknologi, designet for prosessikkerhet

Pålitelig og holdbar
Hygienisk utforming som oppfyller lovmessige krav
Eliminer risikoen for knust glass


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Success Story: Higher Process Safety due to Unbreakable ISFET pH Electrode InPro3300
The greatest benefit for the customer is the assured process safety, without breakage of glass.The pH value of sugar juice during refining has to be m...
Success Story: Glass-free pH Measurement Fulfills Strictest Requirements
With this sensor the risks attached to glass electrodes is now fully eliminated and Alpenhain were able to pass the rigorous audits of the certifying...
Success Story: The New Standard for Non-Glass, In-Line pH Measurement for Process Control in Yogurt Production
After a test phase of several weeks, the customer was completely satisfied with this solution. “Not only do we save money and time, and gain accuracy”...
Success Story: INGOLD Products Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity
The InPro3300 ISFET electrode has proven to be the best solution. Since its initial installation, Glanbia Foods has not had to scrap a single batch du...


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+47 22 30 44 90


Funksjoner og fordeler
Uknuselig solid-state ISFET-elektrode
  • Ideell for applikasjoner i prosesser der glass medfører potensielt høy risiko.
Spesiell utforming
  • Konstruert for integrasjon med automatiserte prosesseringssystemer for næringsmidler med høy gjennomstrømning.
Bransjestandard kontakt
  • Bransjestandard VarioPin (IP68) avtakbar kontakt for enklere kabelinstallasjon.
Egnet for automatiserte rengjøringssystemer
  • Ideelt egnet for bruk sammen med automatiserte elektroderengjøringssystemer.
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