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Terminal for Titration Excellence line titrators
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رقم/أرقام المواد 64089219
الاسم التجاري Terminal,Titration Excellence
Terminal with brilliant color Touch Screen
The terminal has a high resolution, brilliant Touch Screen that can be freely and conveniently positioned thanks to the cable connection. This coupled with the adjustable display angle guar­antees you enjoy an ergonomic and stress-free working environment.
Intuitive and comprehensive user guidance
The user guidance of the Touch Screen makes the operation of the instrument very simple. Clever navigation properties, task buttons informing about current analyses and the unique Home Screen provide ease-of-use and security. The flexible user management allows the set-up of individual settings for up to thirty users, including their personalized Home Screens.In a very short time the user is already familiar with the instrument.

Order information

51109017 ... Terminal

Standard delivery includes: connection cable, operating instructions and protective cover (order number 11132570)

Techical specifications:
ControlTouch control
Screen ¼ VGA 5.7” color TFT
Resolution320 x 240 pixel
AngleAdjustable in three positions


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