Metals Titration in the Mining Industry - METTLER TOLEDO
الندوة عبر الويب حسب الطلب

Metals Titration in the Mining Industry

الندوة عبر الويب حسب الطلب
Good Titration Practice™ Tips and Hints for Metals Titration in the Mining IndustryThis webinar provides you with some useful hints on titration of metals in mining engineering. These recommendations will be of help in your daily work with the determination of metal ion content in various samples.
35 دقيقة

This webinar gives explanations and practical tips and hints. It covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Mining Processes: Mining engineering, composition of minerals, from minerals to metals
  • Sample Preparation for Titration: Digestion of crushed ores, masking of interferences
  • Titration of Gold / Iron / Aluminum / Copper: Suitable digestion procedure, principle, solutions
  • Tips, Hints and Literature


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