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Dosing Unit

Dosing Unit for dosing and titration purposes with the Titration Excellence line
المواصفات - Dosing Unit
رقم/أرقام المواد 51109030
الاسم التجاري Dosing Unit,Titration Excellence
Expandable with dispensing burette drives
Hot Plug & Play allows you to connect further dispensing burette drives to the titrator without restarting. The burettes themselves are recognized by the drive via the RF-ID. Expired titrant or incor­rect concentrations or burette sizes are a thing of the past.


Order information:

51109030 ... Dosing Unit, 20cm CAN cable included
Techical specifications:

Burette resolution (for 10-mL burette)
0.5 μL (1/20’000 of the burette volume)
Error limits

At 10 % 15 μm, at 30 % 15 μm, at 50 % 25 μm, at 100 % 50 μm
Filling time and discharge time

20 s at 100 % filling rate


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Dosing Unit
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