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DH100 heating system

Automated titration above room temperature

The chemistry involved in titration analysis sometimes requires elevated temperatures to ensure sample dissolution or reaction completion both during sample preparation as well as the actual titration.
With the new DH100 heating system all these tasks can be performed with ease.
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Typical applications which require elevated temperature are e.g. the determination of the saponification value, certain oxidations (e.g. reducing sugars according to Rebelein) or complexometric titrations (e.g. determination of aluminium). With the new DH100 heating system all these tasks can be performed with ease. The system allows both controlled heating as well as temperature control during titration up to a maximum temperature of 100°C.

Easily adjusted hot conditions
The set temperature is easily programmed at the temperature controller. It controls the heating of the DH100 immersion heater dependent on the actual temperature measured by the DH100 temperature sensor. The optimized heater control enables fast heating to the set temperature for a variety of solvents.

Safe heating in aggressive media
The immersion heater as well as the temperature sensor are made of Hastelloy C22 - an alloy especially for harsh oxidative and acidic environments. Thanks to the overheating protection within the immersion heater, process safety is guaranteed since the system is immediately shut down if the maximum temperature is exceeded.

The titrator has the control
The titrator activates or deactivates the heating process by triggering the DH100 temperature controller and also monitors the heating process by measuring the actual temperature via the DH100 temperature sensor. When the heating should actually occur is defined by the method.

Flexible and complete automation accessory
The DH100 temperature system is a complete system for direct heating of samples that can be used with the Titration Excellence titrators as well as in combination with the Rondo and Rondolino sample changers.
Ordering information:
DH100 heating system 230V 51108780
DH100 heating system 110V 51108779

Standard delivery:
51108896 .... DH100 Immersion heater 230V
51108895 .... DH100 Immersion heater 110V
51108894 .... DH100 Temperature sensor
51108781 .... DH100 Temperature controller
51108888 .... Temperature input connection cable
51191097 .... External power supply
00022986 .... Sleeve adapter
51108032 .... Adapter for temperature sensor to Rondo and Rondolino

Optional equipment:
51107424 .... Cable Temperature controller - DL5x
51108404 .... Cable Temperature controller - DL7x
51190589 .... Cable Temperature controller - Rondo


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DH100 heating system
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