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Homogenizer adapter sets

Crush quickly hard solid samples

Analysing water content in solid samples can be very time consuming and, if not carried out very carefully, can lead to serious errors. The homogenizer adapter sets allow the use of high speed homogenizers directly in the titration vessel.
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The Homogenizer Adapter Sets allow the use of high speed homogenizers directly in the titration vessel. Even very hard samples can be crushed quickly, without manual work and without taking up additional water from the environment.
The sets contain everything needed except the homogenizer itself, including a set of ready-made applications. Adapter set 12 is designed for the 12 mm Kinematica homogenizer. It is very easy to handle because no additional lab retort stand for the homogenizer is needed. For very hard and large samples like tablets and candies, the use of the IKA 18 homogenizer is recommended. It can be mounted on the titrator with the adapter set 18.

Can be used with V30S KF titrator and with Titration Excellence (KF Kit or DV705 KF stand).

Contents of the Sets:
Adapter disc for the titration cell, metal mounting ring (adapter set 12 only), special cover for the solvent bottle, special magnetic stirrer bar, 4 spare sealings (O-rings), operating instructions, application brochure "Karl Fischer Titration with a homogenizer".

Additional equipment needed:
- for adapter set 12: Kinematica Polytron 1200 CL
- for adapter set 18: IKA Ultra-Turrax T25 Basic

Some application examples:
Water content in: instant coffee, milk powder, tablets, coffee beans, body lotion, toothpaste, chocolate chips.
Ordering information:
51107534 ... Homogenizer adapter set 12
51107409 ... Homogenizer adapter set 18


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Homogenizer adapter sets
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