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Conductivity board

Conductivity board for Titration Excellence line titrators
المواصفات - Conductivity board
رقم/أرقام المواد 51109840
الاسم التجاري Conductivity,Titration Excellence
Unique integration of conductivity
  • No separate conductivity meter needed
  • Autorange feature allows conductometric titrations over a wide range of ionic strengths
  • Easy result integration of potentiometric and conductometric measurements into final report

Order information

51109840 ...  Conductivity board

The conductivity board comes with the following inputs:

  • Conductivity input with temperature input
  • pH/mV sensor input
  • Temperature input
  • COM interface

Recommended conductivity sensors: ->

 for titrations: InLab 718
 for direct measurements: InLab 730, 720, 710 or 740


Technical specifications:
Measuring range

0…1000 mS(7 measuring ranges, automatic measuring range change)

Resolution of μS range0.01 μS
Resolution of mS range0.001 mS
Limits of error0.5% of the value shown 
Temperature probeNTC 30 k
Resolution / Limits of error (Temp.)0.1 °C /0.2 °C
Connector8-pin Mini-DIN
pH/mV input:
Measuring range+/- 2000 mV
Resolution / limits of error0.1mV / 0.2mV
Impedance> 1012 Ohm
TechniqueDifferential amplifier with reference input
Temperature input:
Connector4-pin LEMO
Resolution / Limits of error0.1 °C /0.2 °C
COM interface:
Connector9-pin male D-sub


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Conductivity board
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