iC Software: Træf bedre beslutninger, udfør projekter hurtigere

    iC Software: Træf bedre beslutninger, udfør projekter hurtigere

    Indhent data, visualiser og fortolk forsøg, rapporter resultater

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    Produkter og detaljer
    Add-On Modules
    Material No.: 14990211
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    SupportsCaptures iControl, iC IR, iC FBRM and EasyMax/OptiMax touchscreen experiments
    Material No.: 51161893
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    SupportsEasyMax and OptiMax Synthesis Workstations and RX-10 Control Units
    Add-On ModulesMulti-Instrument Control, HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimetry)
    Material No.: 14910701
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    SupportsReactIR and FlowIR Instruments
    Material No.: 14920001
    Se detaljer
    SupportsParticleTrack and FBRM Instruments
    Material No.: 51162493
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    SupportsRC1e Reaction Calorimeters
    Add-On ModulesiC Safety
    Material No.: 14950003
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    SupportsData Import from iControl and iC IR
    Material No.: 14910100
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    SupportsProduction ReactIR, ParticleTrack and FBRM Instruments
    AddOn ModulesiC Quant for ReactIR
    Material No.: 51162609
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    SupportsLegacy LabMax Automated Lab Reactors
    Material No.: 14930001
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    SupportsSpecific Kaiser Optical Instruments
    Add-On ModulesiC Quant, ConcIRT Pro
    Material No.: 14940001
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    SupportsParticleView and PVM Instruments


    Indhent data, visualiser og fortolk forsøg, rapporter resultater


    iC PVM Software
    View particles in real time to study particle size, shape and concentration with iC PVM
    iC Safety
    iC Safety utilizes experimental data from the RC1e reaction calorimeter and other calorimetric techniques. It is designed to speed and simplify the ca...


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