iC Process IR | Process Monitoring Software

Is the iC Process for IR software required to use a ReactIR 45P instrument?

No, iC Process is an optional application that can be used instead of iC IR™ to control ReactIR 45P systems in production environments. 

Please note that iC IR is mandatory with ReactIR 45P system purchases as this software is required to create methods that will be run by iC Process.

Can I use iC Process to control the ReactIR 45P from another system, like my DCS (distributed control system)?

Yes, iC Process supports connection via OPC UA and Modbus TCP protocols to external systems. This allows the starting and stopping of data collection on the instrument and provides the latest collected trend data. The OPC UA Server option also supports the selection of a method and real-time sharing of spectra in addition to trends.

Does iC Process support advanced security like user roles?

Access to the ReactIR 45P instrument can be limited to specific users via iC Process based on Microsoft Windows login information. Levels of access, including administrator and operator are provided to manage which users can perform certain tasks in iC Process, such as loading or approving methods or starting/stopping data collection on the instrument. 

What are the computer requirements to run iC Process for IR software?

The iC Process Server and Client applications can run on Microsoft Windows as well as Microsoft Windows Server and are compatible with most mid- to high-performance laptops or workstations. Please see the iC Process for IR datasheet for specific requirements.