Webinar: Expedite Crystallization Processes

Leverage PAT and Automation to Optimize Crystallization Development Given Short Timelines

Program oversigt

  • How to get the most out of ParticleTrack™ FBRM and EasyViewer™ PVM probes when developing or optimizing a crystallization.
  • How to design and execute many experiments in a short period of time with high throughput experimentation and the power of the EasyMax™.
  • Using solubility data to help develop a crystallization with solvent screening and solubility curve generation.

The presentation is an overview of three case studies in which PAT and automated laboratory equipment aided in the timely investigation, optimization, or development of a crystallization process and the lessons learned from each case study. 

Case Study #1: How ParticleTrack™ FBRM and EasyViewer™ PVM helped in timely understanding of a crystallization process to improve filterability and manufacturability of the solid product.

Case Study #2: How EasyMax™, EasySampler™, ParticleTrack FBRM aided in timely optimization of a reaction and crystallization process, while generating quality robustness and stability data for validation support documentation. 

Case Study #3: Techniques used to limit the time involved in solvent screening, and how solubility data along with PAT helped develop a crystallization in two months. 

Target Audience

Industries: CMO, Pharmaceutical, Biotech

Job areas: Chemical Research & Development, Chemical Process Development, Chemical Process Engineers, Academia

About the Presenter

Connor McCann

Connor McCann

Scientist, Process Development - MilliporeSigma

Connor is a Process Development Scientist in the field of cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing of highly potent APIs including antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Connor gained experience in the implementation of various PAT in process development work during his 5 year tenure at MilliporeSigma. He also completed his Master's of Science in Chemistry from University of Ohio with the support of his company.