Webinar: Green Solvent Swap Distillation

Sustainability Potential of Solvent Exchange Distillations

Program oversigt

  • Importance of solvent swap as it relates to sustainability
  • Operation, model, and solvent studies
  • Automated workflow with Dynochem™ RunScript Automation
  • Results: Profiles and screen summary
  • Automated solvent swap in an EasyMax™ lab reactor

Sustainability has increased importance in the pharmaceutical industry (and beyond) with a heightened focus on greener designs, more efficient route selection, better assessments on the environmental impact of reagents and solvents, as well as better tools to assess the sustainability of a process. 

Solvent swaps are common operation within a synthetic step to setup the following reaction, extraction, or crystallization which can be optimized to perform better in a different solvent.


About the Presenter

Dr. Daniel Hallow

Scale-up Systems, METTLER TOLEDO

Dan received his PhD in Chemical Engineering with Prof. Mark Prausnitz at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He subsequently joined the Chemical Development department at Bristol-Myers Squibb where his worked focus on reaction science and the development of small-molecule processes. While at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dan also served as adjunct professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for a course on pharmaceutical reaction kinetics and reactor design. Dan then joined Noramco/Purisys, formerly part of Johnson & Johnson, and was responsible for innovation and technology, including new product development and post-approval process improvements. In 2020, Dan moved to Scale-up Systems and his current position of Principal Consultant on the technical support and training team.