Informační prospekt k výrobku

Excellence Level XSR Precision Balances

Informační prospekt k výrobku

Trust in Quality

Even under the harshest of weighing conditions, you can rely on these robust
balances to help you meet your productivity targets.


High Sample Throughput

The innovative SmartPanTM weighing pan minimizes the effects of air currents on the weighing cell to dramatically improve stabilization time and repeatability, even when working in a fume hood or challenging production environment.


Durable Balances

When personnel are busy and under pressure, trust in XSR to deliver reliable performance and maximum uptime.


Expertly Designed

XSR precision balances provide a high level of comfort as you carry out your daily tasks. Even the smallest balance features have been carefully designed
to ensure your weighing processes are as ergonomic as possible.


Small Details. Big Difference

METTLER TOLEDO balances can be customized with accessories and peripheral devices to meet the needs of virtually any application. Our carefully design accessories make your work easier, reduce fatigue and increase accuracy and productivity.


XSR Precision Balances