Process Development of Organosilicon Flame Retardants

Process Development of Organosilicon Flame Retardants

Mike DiPierro, John Gohndone, and Brian Deeth discuss the process development of organosilicon flame retardants at Dow Performance Silicones.

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Dow Performance Silicones developed a process for a new silicon-based, halogen-free flame retardant.  The production process of organosilicon flame retardants requires careful control of an exothermic reaction. In situ FTIR spectroscopy and reaction calorimetry were used for the process development.  In situ FTIR spectroscopy helped to understand how different parameters affect the reaction rate and chemical structure.  The real-time monitoring capability helped avoid accumulation of energetic reactants and mitigated the risk of a run-away reaction. Reaction Calorimetry was used to gather additional information about the reaction, including:

  • Heat of Reaction
  • Temperature Effects
  • Initiation Behavior

Using advanced process analytical tools, a large amount of information was gathered with just a few carefully planned experiments, and a safe, scalable process was developed. 

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Guest Presenters
Mike DePierro works in the Process R&D group within the Dow Performance Silicones Business. He has been involved with several organosilane process development projects since joining Dow Corning.  He leads the Process Chemistry Community of Practice for the Dow Performance Silicones business and recently led the Specialty Siloxanes Tech Center program, contributing to expansion of several organosiloxane products.  Prior to joining Dow Corning, he was employed with General Electric and Sabic Innovative Plastics with different roles in process and product development.  He completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Iowa.

Process Development of Organosilicon Flame Retardants
Mike DePierro - Dow Corning
Process Development of Organosilicon Flame Retardants
John Gohndrone - Dow Corning Corporation

Dr. John Gohndrone is a Process Research and Development Fellow with The Dow Chemical Company.  He has 31 years of experience focused on the development, scale-up, implementation, and improvement of process technology for organofunctional silanes and silicones.  During the past 20 years Dr. Gohndrone has been involved in developing of a number of phase-transfer-catalysis (PTC) processes for the production of organofunctional silanes and has 7 patents and several publications related to PTC process technology.  Before joining The Dow Chemical Company, Dr. Gohndrone worked for Dow Corning Corporation since 1987.  He received a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a M.S and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  

Brian Deeth is currently a Senior Process Research and Development Scientist with The Dow Chemical Company.  He has over 30 years industrial experience with over 20 years in Process R&D for silicone organic hybrid materials.  Brian’s professional background also includes analytical chemistry and evaluation of reactive chemical hazards.  Prior to joining Dow Chemical in 2016, Brian was employed by Dow Corning Corporation.  He earned a B.S in Chemistry from University of Wisconsin at La Crosse.