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Pipette Tips for Semi-Automated Pipetting

Convenience and Security - Sterilized 96 Well Pipetting Tips

A pipette tip for semi-automated pipetting systems, made to fit for pipetting workstations, is designed to simultaneously transfer micro volumes of liquid into all wells of a 96-well plate. High-throughput BioClean Ultra pipette tips fit Rainin manual and semi-automated high-throughput pipetting workstations. Choose between individually-wrapped 96-tip racks or conveniently stacked refills to save space and reduce plastic waste.

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This user manual covers both the MicroPro 20 and the MicroPro 300 models. All functions within the app for each model are the same.
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This manual provides a complete overview of the operating instructions for the BenchSmart 96 Pipetting System.
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Which pipette tips are compatible with automated liquid dispensing systems?

Most automated liquid dispensing systems use their own stock of high-throughput tips. Unlike universal-fit pipettes and pipette tips, automated pipetting systems have their own specially designed nozzle blocks and sealing systems for mounting 96 pipette tips simultaneously. Rainin “LQR” pipette tips are compatible with the Rainin BenchSmart 96 and Rainin Liquidator 96. LQR pipette tips are available in 1000 µL, 250 µL, and 20 µL sizes. Only Rainin MicroPro pipette tips fit the Rainin MicroPro. MicroPro pipette tips are available in both 300 µL and 20 µL volumes.

Rainin MicroPro pipette tips are pre-packed in tip cartridges, almost eliminating the force required to load them in the lab. This manufacturing technique saves effort in the lab and delivers dispensing reproducibility for every tip.

How do I ensure that the pipette tips fit securely on my automated pipetting system?

Each automated and semi-automated liquid dispensing system has its own method of tightly sealing 96 and sometimes 384 pipette tips simultaneously. Some systems require lowering the head over the tips and pushing a button. Other systems sense the head over the tips and automatically initiate secure tip loading.

In general, ensure that you are using the correct tips for the automated pipetting system and the recommended method for loading them.

For the Rainin MicroPro, simply lower the head onto the tips with light pressure, and the system does the rest. For the Rainin BenchSmart 96, lower the pipetting head over the tips and press the up-arrow “load tips” button on the touchscreen. On BenchSmart, you can alternatively push the “up” buttons on the pipetting head to load a rack of pipette tips.

What are the best pipette tips for accurate and consistent results with automated systems?

The best pipette tips for accurate and reproducible automated dispensing will be the manufacturer-recommended tips. While “universal” pipette tips can be compatible with a variety of individual pipettes, automated and semi-automated pipetting systems use their own proprietary tips to establish perfect seals and to accurately dispense liquids.

Do certain types of pipette tips reduce the risk of cross-contamination in automated pipetting?

Cross-contamination in pipetting is most effectively reduced through proper pipetting technique. Pipette tip manufacturers each uphold their own standards for guaranteeing the absence of possible contaminants. When comparing pipette tips, look for the longest list of contaminants that have been tested for – which, in turn, the pipette tips are certified to be free of.

BioClean Ultra pipette tips from Rainin are among the purest and most rigorously tested pipette tips available. In addition to a long list of contaminants like RNase, DNase and PCR inhibitors, they are also certified free of protein and protease.

Are there sterile pipette tips available for automated liquid handling?

For automated liquid handling pipetting systems such as the Rainin MicroPro and Rainin BenchSmart 96, sterilized pipette tips are available. The Rainin MicroPro works with sterilized racks of 96 tips in both 20 µL and 300 µL volumes. For the Rainin BenchSmart 96, sterilized racks of 96 tips are available in 1000 µL, 250 µL and 20 µL.