PA6/PA66 Blend


Protective caps said to be made of a PA6/PA66 blend


Measuring cell: DSC20

Pan: Aluminum standard 40 μl, pierced lid

Sample preparation: Disk cut from cap (15.9 mg)

DSC measurement: Heating from 30 to 300 ‎°C at 10 K/min

Atmosphere: Nitrogen, 50 cm3/min

The contents can be estimated from the peak areas if the respective heats of fusion are known (or can be estimated). If one assumes that the heat of fusion for both materials is 45 J/g (typical for polyamides), content of 35% and 38% are calculated for two polymers. More accurate reuslts could be obtained through calibration with blends of known composition. 


The protective caps are are in fact made of a PA6/PA66 blend. Tjhe peak areas allow a semiquantitative analysis of the two polymers to be made. 

PA6/PA66 Blend | Thermal Analysis Handbook No.HB232 | Application published in METTLER TOLEDO TA Application Handbook Thermoplastics

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