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Commercial Scales

An Efficient and Reliable Range of Industrial and Commercial Weighing Scales

A digital commercial scale is essential for retailers, factories, and warehouses that must weigh goods and materials on a daily basis. We provide a wide range of commercial and industrial weighing scales for use in both industrial and retail settings, including counter scales, food scales, floor scales, platform scales, bench scales, and more. Discover our selection of commercial weighing scales that are high quality, highly sensitive, and exceptionally accurate.

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What types of commercial scales does METTLER TOLEDO offer?

METTLER TOLEDO provides many types of commercial scales for use in laboratories, retail settings, industrial environments, transportation & logistics, and other commercial applications.

For industrial locations, METTLER TOLEDO offers bench scales, portable scales, floor scales, counting and mixing scales, weigh modules, load cells, and much more. For use in grocery retail settings, we offer counter scales, self-service scales, checkout scales, and hanging scales.

What should I consider when buying a commercial scale?

Selecting the appropriate commercial scale for your process requires you to start with some basic information: maximum weight of your load, smallest net weight of the material being weighed, weighing tolerance and regulations, and your safety factor. You should not make the mistake of selecting a scale based solely on the capacity and readability of the commercial scale or balance, as this does not ensure that your equipment is fit for its intended use. For support with gathering this information and evaluating your commercial scale options, METTLER TOLEDO offers a GWP® Recommendation free of charge that matches a commercial scale's performance and characteristics to your unique requirements. Discover here how to choose a balance or scale.