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Automotive Paint Mixing Scale

Automotive Paint Mixing Scale

Paint mixing scale - perfect refinishes for the automotive industry


Automotive Paint Mixing Scale

Paint scales, with an easy-to-use interface that's packed with technology for high performance, are what we are proud to offer to the aut...

Paint scales, with an easy-to-use interface that's packed with technology for high performance, are what we are proud to offer to the automotive refinishing industry. Crafted from cast aluminum and stainless steel, the paint scales are built tough for repeated use in dirty environments and are easy to clean.

Our ink mixing scale live up to the hype, with perfect color results every time you use it. Let our paint scales help make any automotive refinishing job quick and easy for your professional automotive body shop or repair center. For high-quality paint mixing scales and customer-focused service, trust METTLER TOLEDO.

1. What does a paint scale do?
Our paint mixing scales are designed for the most demanding applications with advanced technology to help you mix, formulate and weigh paint for any automotive refinishing application. With high accuracy to the last drop, our paint scales are rugged and dependable for mixing small to large quantities of automotive refinishing paints. With advanced technology, our paint mixing scales are known for their precise mixing for even the toughest-to-match paint colors.

2. How do Paint Scales work?
METTLER TOLEDO paint Scales are designed to meet the needs and requirements of automotive body shops. They have an easy interface that allows you to download formulas from a PC to the scale and manage these formulas from within the ink mixing scale. More detailed information can be found in the product brochure.

3. Where are paint scales used?
Painting scales must use high-precision weighing technology to help you attain the perfect color match, while withstanding regular use in tough automotive-shop environments. The paint mixing scales bring a new level of comfort and functionality into the automotive body shop, and for this reason the scales are often referred to as 'automotive scale' or 'automotive paint scale' – even though they can cover a larger range of applications.

4. What are the advantages of connecting a paint scale to a PC?
They are all able to connect to computerized paint mixing systems for greater control and traceability over the mixing process. In fact, our paint mixing scales allow you to download up to 20 recipes from a PC. The intuitive, user friendly graphic display guides the user swiftly and easily through the mixing process and stores the mixing protocol so it does not need to be re-entered again later.

5. How does the ink mixing scale correct errors?
In case of human error, just use the automated correction mode to easily correct and save the batch for less wasted product, time and money.

6. How can I use a scale painting scale for accurate color?
Use a painting scale to ensure accurate measurement of your color formulation for right the first time colors.

7. Can the Tare button on an automotive/paint mixing scale be disable?
The BBA242 does not have the capability to lock singles keys.  However, it does have the capability to lock the entire keypad so that none of the keys are functional.  This can be done by pressing the O/T and é simultaneously for at least 2 seconds.  The message "keys locked" appears briefly.  To unlock the keypad, press the O/T and simultaneously for at least 2 seconds.  The message "keys unlocked" appears briefly. This information can be found in the User's Manual under section 4.3, Locking the Keyboard.


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