Large-Volume Pipette Tips

10 mL and 20 mL Pipetting

Large volume (10 mL – 20 mL) pipette tips feature macro FinePoint™ tips to dispense large volume samples with the same accuracy as smaller volumes. Tested for a long list of contaminants, including protein, protease, RNase, DNA, pyrogens and more, Rainin BioClean Ultra™ large volume pipette tips feature macro FinePoint tips that dispense large volume samples with the same accuracy as smaller volumes and are made from dye-free virgin polypropylene.

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Advantages of Large Volume Pipette Tips

large volume pipette tips

Improve Accuracy at Large Volumes

Large volume pipette tips are made from dye-free virgin polypropylene. These macro FinePoint tips dispense large volume samples with the same accuracy as smaller volumes.

large volume pipette tips

Available in LTS and Universal Fit

2000 μL tips are available in removable cover racks, standard, presterilized, and with aerosol-resistant filters. 5000 μL tips are also available in removable-cover racks, standard or presterilized. 10 mL and 20 mL tips are available presterilized in individual packets, as well as in bulk. 20 mL tips (LTS only) have graduation marks.

large volume pipette tips

Rainin Certified

Large volume tips are guaranteed to produce accurate and precise measurements when used with Rainin pipettes and in accordance with their instruction manuals.


LTS LiteTouch System Product Brochure
By virtually eliminating friction, the Rainin LiteTouch System dramatically reduces the amount of force required to load and eject tips.
bioclean pipette tips datasheet
For successful experiments, pipette tips must be completely inert and not interfere with samples. Rainin BioClean tips are guaranteed to be free of RN...
Zero Contamination in Rainin Pipette Tips
A paper published in Science shows that by using certain polypropylene tips and tubes, experiments can be inhibited and results will be adversely affe...
sterile vs non sterile pipette tips
This white paper proves how there is essentially zero possibility for any Rainin pipette tip to contribute contaminants to customer samples.
Comparative Carbon Footprints Terrarack
METTLER TOLEDO Rainin is the pioneer of high purity ‘BioClean’ tips, creating a range of super-clean tips which are certified to be free of biological...
How To Choose a Good Pipette Tip
Download an introduction and detailed advice on what to look for when choosing a good pipette tip, i.e., a tip that does not influence the experiment'...
aerosol-resistant pipette tips
Rainin aerosol-resistant pipette tips with filters were tested by an independent testing laboratory and proven to prevent DNA aerosol contamination.
Trace Organic and Inorganic Materials in pipette tips
To confirm that tips manufactured by Rainin do not provide sufficient quantities of contaminating inhibitors, a number of experiments were performed b...
Testing for Contaminants in Pipette Tips
To make sure that common reactions such as PCR and qPCR are not affected by these factors, Rainin regularly performs several tests on each lot of the...
Why Rainin Does Not Test for RNA
It may appear curious to some customers that Rainin tests its tips for human DNA contamination, but conducts no such tests for contaminating RNA.
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What is a "Rainin Certified" Large Volume Pipette Tip?

Rainin certified large volume tips allow you to dispense large volumes of liquids with the same consistency as other pipette tips intended for nano-liter amounts. Large volume pipette tips meet or exceed minimum standards for:

  • Absence of flash
  • Absence of contamination
  • Surface smoothness and regularity
  • Delivery end geometry, dimensions and finish
  • Sealing integrity on EDP, Pipetman & Pipet-Plus pipettes
  • Pipetting accuracy (unconventional geometries lead to deviations)