manual pipetting system

Manual Pipetting System — Liquidator 96™

Speed and Simplicity on Your 96- And 384-Well Applications

A manual high-throughput pipetting system is a device that helps life scientists streamline and speed up their well plate applications. Pipetting all 96 wells at once simplifies micro-volume applications like ELISA, cellular assays, qPCR and protein crystallization. The Liquidator 96 streamlines many 96-well or 384-well plate applications. It requires no electricity or programming and comes in two volume ranges – 0.5 to 20 μL and 5 to 200 μL.

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Advantages of the Manual Pipetting System

Watch the Liquidator 96 Video

The Liquidator 96, available in 20 µL and 200 µL, is fast, accurate and easy to use. By understanding how researchers work and how high-throughput pipetting fits into a laboratory’s overall workflow, Rainin engineered the Liquidator 96 to deliver superb accuracy and precision with exceptionally good ergonomics, requiring virtually no user training.

Save Time Pipetting

Setting up assays in 96-well plates using single- and multi-channel pipettes is often tedious and time consuming. The Liquidator 96 processes 96-well plates in as few as 6 seconds each, without sacrificing data quality and giving you more time to conduct other important tasks, such as data analysis and hypothesis-building.

Reduce Errors

Single and multi-channel pipettes greatly increase the risk of skipping or repeating rows and wells on qPCR, ELISA and other plate-based experiments. The Liquidator 96 eliminates this risk by filling all 96 wells at the same time.

Manual Pipetting System — Liquidator 96™

Pipette as Low as 0.5 µL

With a range of 0.5 – 20 μL, the Liquidator's low volume 20 µL model expands your range of 96-well protocols. Built to last, simple to use and exceptionally ergonomic, the Liquidator 20 µL and 200 µL offer the highest accuracy and precision specifications possible.

Manual Pipetting System — Liquidator 96™

Increase Speed and Versatility

Because Liquidator 20 µL and 200 µL are manual devices that require little training, they are immediately useful to everyone in the lab. The 200 µL model is ideal for experiments like ELISA with volumes in the range from 5 – 200 μL. With volumes as small as 0.5 μL, the 20 μL model streamlines applications like qPCR.


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