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Pipette Tips LQS LTS 20µL S 960/10

Stacked high throughput tips.Stacked tips, 20 μL max. volume, for liquid handling bench-top pipettor with LTSTM, pre-sterilized, 960 tips in 10 layers of 96 (LQS-20S)

Convenient: Save space and reduce waste

Save space and stay green with stacked 20 μL pre-sterilized high throughput tips

Reloadable rack. SBS footprint

The "base" rack is reloaded as tips are used, for fast throughput and space-saving.

Simultaneous 96-Well Manual Pipetting
Faster Than Many Robots

High-Throughput Pipettors pipetting system is a powerful personal research tool for all laboratories. Accurate and efficient, High-Throughput Pipettors is designed to maximize workflow, without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time. Incredibly fast, High-Throughput Pipettors adds outstanding quality features to high throughput pipetting, with many applications.

High throughput Solutions

Specifications - Pipette Tips LQS LTS 20µL S 960/10
Tip Technology
LiteTouch System LTS
Volume Range
1 µL – 20 µL
20 µL
Maximum Volume
20 µL
960 tips in 5 layers
Material Number(s)



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Pipette Tips LQS LTS 20µL S 960/10
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