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Pallet and Parcel Weighing

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How do forklift scales work?

Forklift scales are hung on to the front of a forklift truck. The pallet weight is recorded the instant the pallet is picked up by the forklift truck. Weight data is merged with the pallet ID and transferred wirelessly to invoicing and warehouse management systems. Forklift scales offer a cost-effective, efficient solution to weighing pallets in freight handling processes.

What is the maximum capacity a forklift scale can weigh?

Our forklift scales can accurately weigh pallets up to 10,000 lbs or 5,000 kg.

Are forklift scales legal for trade?

METTLER TOLEDO forklift scales are approved according to national and international regulations to be used in legal-for-trade applications. They are a great way to increase productivity while ensuring revenue recovery. 

Are forklift scales compatible with other forklift accessories?

METTLER TOLEDO forklift scales are compatible with any Class A forklift accessories.

How are forklift scales installed?

If you’re worried about the time it takes to install a forklift scale, rest easy. In less than 30 minutes, installation is completed thanks to the unique forklift scale attachment design, without affecting its warranty. The robust design also enables an easy maintenance schedule, reducing the need for service.